Progress Over Perfection

Often people tend to focus on the end behaviour in dog training, which can be useful and can frequently help to focus your training. However, sometimes the end result is a long way off and it can be demoralising if you do not feel like you are achieving your goals.

It is vital that dog guardians do not get lost in the process of training, an easy way to avoid this is to track your training. We are looking for progress over perfection. If your dog can do a 10 second sit today what is a realistic goal for tomorrow, next week or next month? By writing down where you are currently it will help to focus your training schedule. Try to consider which areas are weaker and need more attention and which are solid but could be improved. My advice is always: what would improve yours and your dog’s life right now? Faster recall? More consistent loose lead walking? Then those are the behaviours you need to pay into.

Writing your progress down means you can track how far you have come in a set period of time. If you dog goes from a 10 second sit to a 20 second, that is a 100% improvement.

Have fun training.