Puppy Parent Blues

When people bring a puppy home, they image a perfect bundle of fluffy loveliness who fits into their family immediately. The reality is very different.  I joke that you have at least two crying on the floor episodes in the first six months, at which point most people say they have had two crying sessions in the last week!  It feels like puppies do not sleep, eat everything, chew everything and require massive amounts of love and attention but they are worth every second of energy.

People put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect. Everyone has well meaning advice for new puppy parents, that alone is exhausting. There is always a well-meaning person who got lucky with their dog believe their way is best. Each puppy and puppy parent are individuals. The common time for people give up on puppies is 8 months old. This is where they are no longer cute, the hormones have kicked in and a key development stage where they are trying out new behaviour patterns. It is a short development stage and they have not forgotten your training, they are just choosing to try other behaviours to see what is affective. It is not personal.

If you currently have a puppy, you are doing your best. You have to live with your puppy and no one else’s opinion matters. Keep going and try to be around people who match your dog training ethos.

Most importantly, have fun training.