Train One Minute at a Time

One of the most frequent pieces of advice I give to dog guardians is to train one minute at a time, for example: when boiling the kettle or between jobs. This probably sounds too short, but it is an effective way to train. Generally, dog guardians feel that they should set aside a period of time each day to train their dogs such as 30 minutes a day. In reality, this is too long for an average pet dog and can lead to frustration. Dogs learn best in short but frequent sessions. We are aiming for consistency rather than lumping behaviours together.

If you do slightly longer sessions such as 5 minutes, keep reviewing your dog each minute:

Are they getting tired, full, distracted?

Are you asking too much from your dog?

Sookie enjoying a chin scratch during training.

Do they understand what they are doing?

Are you having any success?

Are they improving?

Are you both having fun?

Flexibility is key. Short sessions allow you to continually assess your dog, their understanding and how to adapt the training to suit them. It also reduces the chance of frustration.

Have fun training.