Exit Strategy

Have you thought about how to end training sessions with your dog? What is your exit strategy?

Currently when you end your dog training what happens? Does your dog understand? Or are they confused and asking for more training because they are having fun?  Do they get frustrated? Perhaps they end the session by walking away because they are tired or overwhelmed? 

In an ideal world your dog would understand the start of session and the end of a session that way they know when to perform at their best and to focus fully on you.

There are lots of different ways to end a session, some people like to ask their dog to go onto a raised bed or mat to relax. Another idea is to go to a different area away from the training location and scatter feed. A play session and allowing your dog to keep the toy is another idea. The exit strategy should be a fun way to signal to your dog the session is over. You can use whatever strategy works for you. It is important that the dog and understands the training is over but not that this is a bad thing, we do not want them to feel like the food source is going away or the play is ending. 

So have a think about what exit strategy will work best for you and your dog. Have fun training.